“I’m proud to support the work of Hope Support Services.”

Watch Sian Williams presenting a BBC Lifeline Appeal for Hope Support Services

Hope has a BBC Lifeline Appeal, hosted by Sian Williams!
Just over two years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was one of my most challenging times and one of the hardest things was worrying about how my children would cope.

This is why I’m proud to support the work of Hope Support Services as it can provide reassurance to seriously ill parents that their children are being supported.

A health crisis affects everyone in the family. Having Hope Support Services there to help young people if they’re struggling to cope can really make a difference, both to the parents and their children.

 – Sian Williams
Hope's BBC Lifeline Appeal - Easter Sunday 16th April 2017

Watch the BBC Lifeline Appeal

See news anchor Sian Williams take a look at Hope’s incredible work.

About the families

The BBC Lifeline Appeal documentary follows the stories and journeys of Sarah, Emily and Mel.

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