Need support for young family members?

We can help.

Being diagnosed with cancer or another life-threatening illness is the toughest thing many of us will ever have to face.

Not just for the patient but for everyone around them. Younger family members can find the uncertainty particularly hard to deal with – but we’re here to help them.

We’re here for young people aged 11-25 across the UK right from the point of diagnosis and for however long we’re needed, and also offer a face-to-face service for those aged 5-25 in Herefordshire. We’re a group of highly trained, sensitive professionals and we will do everything we can to support your children.

Who is Hope for?

Young people aged 11-25 (5-25 in Herefordshire), with a close family member who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, such as cancer. Safe online support is available nationally, while face-to-face support and activities are available in Herefordshire.

What support does Hope offer?

Nationally, we provide two services. The first is a safe, monitored Facebook group to meet and share with peers in similar situations. Secondly is our secure online One-to-One support sessions with Hope's qualified and experienced professionals, using Skype or Facebook.

In parts of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, we also offer three face-to-face services; Youth Sessions, 'Hope on the Road' activities, and One-to-One support. These sessions offer a chance to explore targeted topics, including anger management, coping strategies, living with uncertainty and more.

Finally, however young people access our support, we provide active links with other local services, signposting on where necessary to provide the best all-round support for each young person.

Why is Hope needed?

Young people in a family health crisis can find the uncertainty of their family member's life-threatening illness particularly distressing. They can find it difficult to share worries with family or friends - fearing they will be a burden to them and even add to the problem - so can become isolated, marginalised, frightened and angry. The issues they face can lead to disengagement with education, family members and peers and, in some cases, unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Support from Hope helps young people to re-engage with their education, their family and their friends - even making new friends who genuinely understand. Early intervention and continual support can prevent long-term mental health issues which otherwise could last into adulthood.

A charity of young people, for young people

Hope is no ordinary charity, we’re unique. We’re not just a charity for young people, we’re a charity of young people. Take a look here to find out how the young volunteers in Hope’s Y-Teams work to drive the service forwards.

The Y-Team at Hope Support Services: Supporting Young People Through a Family Health Crisis

Referring to Hope

Our support is available across the UK right from the moment of diagnosis and for however long we’re needed, whatever the outcome for the patient.

Referring young people to Hope means you can take a major concern off the family’s shoulders, knowing that during this difficult time someone is offering appropriate support to their young family members.

Whether you’re a parent, carer, other family member or are working with the family such as a teacher, GP or other professional, it’s quick and easy to refer a young person to Hope. Simply fill in this online form here.

Rest Assured

Hope Support Services is a registered charity and the support we offer is free of charge. We’re also a company limited by guarantee, and all contact with young people is made by qualified and experienced professionals. All our frontline team are DBS (previously CRB) checked.

We take safeguarding very seriously. Please click here to see our Confidentiality guidelines for young people accessing our online support, or see our advice on Staying Safe Face to Face during Hope activities.