Hi, we’re the Y-Team

We’re a unique group of proactive young people. Through fundraising and monthly meetings we drive Hope’s service forwards using our own personal experiences.

We’re dedicated to helping others going through a family health crisis because we have all been there.

We know how important it is to be around people who understand what you’re going through. Sometimes you need to shout and rant. Sometimes you need a quiet chat and a friendly ear. Other times, you just need to get out, have a laugh with friends and be yourself.

Hope is here to help you do all that and more. The Y-Team is here to help Hope continue to develop a service that’s by young people, for young people – and to keep it right for you.

Interested in becoming a member of Hope’s Y-Team?

The main roles of a Y-Team member are to support and contribute ideas and time to the group,
encourage community engagement (including your local hospice) and to promote Hope amongst
other young people. From time to time, you may be given more specific jobs to do. You’ll need to
follow these up to ensure they are completed.

The general role of the job:

  • Being willing to give your time to volunteer at events, fundraisers and presentations
  • Committing to monthly Y-Team meetings and contributing towards to the development of Hope’s Service
  • Helping to make Hope something young people want to be a part of
  • Being a voice for young people who have experienced a family health crisis or bereavement
  • Working as a team with other inspiring young people
  • Understanding that everything the Y-Teams are involved in is confidential

Some examples of more specific responsibilities:

  • Attending all Y-Team meetings (one evening a month) and contributing ideas
  • Championing for young people at your local hospice
  • Having a general awareness of your Y-Team’s bank account (this will be discussed at meetings)
  • Being involved in all areas of fundraising, from organising and attending events, to writing letters and funding bids
  • Working with the Hope office team to create social media materials
Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply here!
The Y-Team at Hope Support Services: Supporting Young People Through a Family Health Crisis